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Industrial Affiliates


VEOLIA Environnement R&D (2008~2010)

Afton Chemical Corporation (2012~2017)




Yoshimura Ind. Co., Ltd.  (2001~Life member)
Yeu Ming Tai Chem. Ind. Co., Ltd. (2001~Life member)
ITRI  (2001~Life member)
Jui Hung Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd.  (2003~Life member)
Solar Applied Materials Technology Corp. (2003~Life member)
Taiwan Power Co.  (2004~Life member)

Awi Lin Industrial Material Co., Ltd.  (2004~Life member)

E-Top Mediatek Inc. (2008~Life member)
Everlight Chemical Industrial Corp. (2008~Life member)

Mytrex Industries, Inc. (2009~Life member)

LCY Chemical Corp. (2011~Life member)

Kingpro Mediatek Inc.  (2001~2004)
Teco Electric and Machinery Co., Ltd.  (2003)
San Fang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.  (2003~2004)
Kang Na Hsiung Enterprise Co., Ltd. 
Evionyx, Taiwan Co., Ltd. 
Coin-Nanotech Innovations Co., Ltd.
China Ecotek Corp.
Taiwan Hopax Chemicals MFG. Co., Ltd.
AquaLab Inc.
CMC Magnetics Corp.
Alpspring Inc
. (2007)  

Three Royal Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.(2007~2010)

Century Evirontech Co., Ltd.(2007~2008)

King Membrane Energy Technology Inc. (2007~2008)

Ho Tung Chemical Corp., Ltd. (2017~2018)

Kemflo International Co., Ltd. (2008~2009)

Far Easter New Century Corp. (original named Far Eastern Textile Ltd. (2009~2010)

AZOTEK Co., Ltd. (2009~2010)

Frank & Associates Plastic Co., Ltd. (2009~2010)

EPAM Application Material Co., Ltd. (2009~2010)

TODAY's Instruments Co., Ltd. (2010~2011)

BenQ Materials Corp. (2010~2015)

Plastics Industry Development Center (2012~2013)

Runner Corporation Taiwan Branch (2015~2016)

CHUNG RHY Special Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd. (2013~2014)

Asia Electronic Material Co., Ltd.  (2013~2015)
Membrane Science Inc. (2013~2015)

Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Group Chung-Li (2014~2015)

Mega Union Technology Incorporated (2014~2015)

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (2014~2015)

Forest Water Environmental Eng'G Co., Ltd. (2016~2017)

Wafer Works Corporation (2016~2017)

Hi-lyte Enterprise Co., Ltd. (2016~2017)

Innonyx International Co., Ltd. (2017~2018)

LausDeo Corporation (2017~2018)



Scanning Electronic Microscopy, SEM-EDX

Novel green-emitting K2Ba5Si12O30:Eu2+ phosphors with excellent thermal quenching for white light-emitting diodes
2016.09 Optical Materials, 59, 8-14
Synthesis of mixed ligand and pillared paddlewheel MOFs using waste polyethylene terephthalate material as sustainable ligand source
2016.09 Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 231, 186-191
Structural Characteristics and Transport Behavior of Triptycene-based PIMs Membranes: A Combination Study Using ab initio Calculation and Molecular Simulations
2016.09 Journal of Membrane Science, 514, 114–124

Nanohybrids of graphene oxide chemically-bonded with Nafion: preparation and application for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
2016.09 Journal of Membrane Science, 514, 86–94


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