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Membrane Separation System

     Development of Membrane Materials and System of Pervaporation (Patent issued)

     Development of Membrane Bioreactor for Wastewater Treatment

     Separation Passageway Module, Separation Unit, and Separation Boat for Suspension Saparation

     (Patent issued) 


Membrane Fabrication Technologies

     The Devices and the Molding Methods for the Continuity Thin Film (Patent issued)

     Method and System for Fabricating Tubular Filter Media (Patent issued)

     Nanomaterials-modified Chitosan Membrane (Patent issued)

     Method for Preparation of Chitosan Membrane Containing Inorganic Nanoparticle (Patent issued)

     Method for Preparation of Composite Membrane for Organic Solvent Separation Application (Patent


     Method for Fabrication of Porous Ceramic Membrane


Membrane Modification Technologies

     Continuous Plasma Surface Treatment Technique for PTFE Membrane

     Method and System for Modification of Hydrophoic Materials (Patent issued)


Membrane Module Design

     Method for Spacer Design Used in Spiral-wound Membrane Module (Patent issued)


Membrane Characterization System

     System for Characterizing Electrokinetic Properties of Flat-sheet Membranes (Patent issued)

     Method and System for Measuring the Zeta Potential of the Cylinder's Outer Surface (Patent  



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