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 International Cooperation  

   Preparation, Characterization and Application of Organic Solvent
   Nanofiltration (OSN) Composite Membranes(2011-2013)

    --- NSC, Taiwan - Dept. of Chem.Eng., Imperial College


    Molecular Engineering of Membrane Materials: Research and Technology for Energy Development

    of Hydrogen, Natural Gas and Syngas (2008-2012)

    --- Singapore National Research Foundation


    Control of the Hierarchical Structure in Microporous Membranes

    --- NSC, Taiwan - IAJ, Japan Joint Research Program (2007-2009)


    Control of Membrane Surface Morphology and Surface Energy Using a Hierarchical Structure    

    Approach (2007-2010)

    --- NSC, Taiwan - ANR, France  Joint Research Program


    Control of the Structure of Polymeric Membranes and Hollow Fibers by Using VIPS (2005-2006)

    --- NSC, Taiwan – ANR, France Joint Research Programme


    The Development of Improved Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DMFC)s Based on Non-fluorinated  

    Proton Exchange Membranes (PEM)s (2003-2007) 

    --- NSC, Taiwan – NRC, Canada Joint Research  Programme


    On Non-solvent Vapor Induced Phase Separation (2003-2004)

    --- NSC, Taiwan – ANR, France Joint Research Programme


    Development of Selective Separation Process of Valuable Biomaterials by Porous Membrane -  

    Sub-project 7: Study on the Mechanism of Membrane Fouling  (2003-2007)

    --- The 21st  Century COE Program, “The Nature-Guided Materials Processing,” Nagoya University,  



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