Prof. Juin-Yih Lai, Founder

Prof. Kueir-Rarn Lee

Prof. Yung Chang

Prof. Chung-Jung Chuang
Prof. Chia-Her Lin

Prof. Tsair-Wang Chung

Prof. Jung-Hui Chen

Prof. Shia-Chung Chen
Prof. Sheng-Jie You

Prof. Chien-Chieh Hu

Prof. Meng-Hui Li

Prof. Yi-Feng Lin

Prof. Hui-An Tsai

Assoc.Prof.Ta-Chin Wei

Assoc.Prof.Antoine Venault

Assoc.Prof.Wei-Song Hung

Prof. Jui-Ming Yeh

Prof. Da-Ming Wang

Prof. Kuo-Lun Tung
Prof. Ying-Ling Liu

Chair Prof. Akon Higuchi

Prof. Yi-Ming Sun
Prof. Shing-Jiang Lue
Prof. Shu-Hsien Huang
Dr. Feng-Ming Ho
Assoc. Prof. Wei-Ren Liu
Assist. Prof. Chechia Hu
Assoc.Prof. Chun-Jen Huang
Assist.Prof. Bor-Kae Chang


:: Chung Yuan Univ.

:: Chemical Engineering

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:: Founder ::
Prof. Juin-Yih Lai 

Membrane Formation, Mechanisms, Membrane Separation Application



:: Honorary Director ::
 Prof. Kueir-Rarn Lee
Pervaporation, Membrane Module Design, Gas Separation, Membrane Structure Characterization

:: Director ::
Prof. Yung Chang

 Concentration and Separation of Bio-products, Surface Property Control for Biomaterials, Design of Bio-chip for Specific Recognition of Biomolecular Binding, Develop Functional Polymeric Materials for Anti-Fouling Performance

:: Deputy Director ::
Prof. Ching-Jung Chuang

Membrane filtration,    Solid-Liquid Separation, Water and Wastewater Treatments


:: Deputy Director ::
Prof. Chia-Her Lin

Inorganic Chemistry, Solid-State Chemistry, Hydrothermal Synthesis, Nanoporous Materials,

Metal-Organic Frameworks



 Prof. Shia-Chung Chen

 Polymer Processing, Membrane Fabrication, Computer- Aided Engineering, Injection Molding, Plastics Mold

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