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Assoc. Prof. Antoine Venault

Ph.D Univeristé Montpellier II (Montpellier, France)

Current Positions:
Associate Professor, Dept. of Chem. Eng., Chung Yuan Christian University (2014/08~)

Professional Specialty
Membrane Formation Mechanisms 
Applications of Porous Membranes

Research Fields

  Membrane formation mechanisms by NIPS processes (LIPS and VIPS):

Our present interest lies on the formation mechanisms of polymer membranes through kinetic

and thermodynamic investigations.

Design of anti-biofouling membranes by in-situ modification:

We currently lay the focus on the potential one-step formation routes of antifouling membranes.

We aim at optimizing the antifouling properties of membranes without sacrificing their essential

bulk properties.


Design of superhydrophobic membranes:

The scope of this research work is to appropriately tune the interfacial properties of polymeric membranes, to make them superhydrophobic and enhance their oleophilicity.


Design of wound dressings:

We currently investigate new avenues for promoting wound healing, through the use of

zwitterionic or mixed-charge membranes.

Potential Applications of Research

Water treatment

Breaking of emulsions : oil treatment

Biomedical applications : wound-healing


Selected Publications:

A. Venault*, J.R. Wu, Y. Chang*, P. Aimar, Fabricating hemocompatible bi-continuous PEGylated PVDF membranes via vapor-induced phase inversion, Journal of Membrane Science 470 (2014) 18-29 (SCI, IF 4.093).

J.F. Jhong‡, A. Venault‡, L. Liu, J. Zheng, SH Chen, A. Higuchi, J. Huang, Y. Chang*, Introducing mixed-charge copolymers as wound dressing biomaterials, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 6 (2014) 9858-9870 (SCI, IF 5.008).

S.W. Hsiao, A. Venault*, H.S. Yang, Y. Chang*, Bacterial resistance of self-assembled surfaces using PPOm-b-PSBMAn zwitterionic copolymer - concomitant effects of surface topography and surface chemistry on attachement of live bacteria, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 118 (2014) 254-260 (SCI, IF 3.554)

A. Venault, H.S. Yang, Y.C. Chiang, B.S. Lee, R.C. Ruaan, Y. Chang*, Bacterial resistance control on mineral surfaces of hydroxyapatite and human teeth via surface charge-driven antifouling copolymer coatings, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 6 (2014) 3201-3210 (SCI, IF 5.008).

A. Venault*, M.C. Ncibi, C. Pochat-Bohatier, L. Vachoud, D. Bouyer, C. Faur*, On the adsorption mechanisms of diethylamine by medically-certified activated carbons: investigation of critical parameters controlling sorption properties, Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers 45 (2014) 1937-1946 (SCI, IF 2.084).

A. Venault, Y. Chang*, H.S. Yang, P.Y. Lin, Y.J. Shih, A. Higuchi, Surface self-assembled zwitterionization of poly(vinylidene fluoride) microfiltration membranes via hydrophobic-driven coating for improved blood compatibility, Journal of Membrane Science 454 (2014) 253-263 (SCI, IF 4.093).

A. Venault*, Y.H. Liu, J.R. Wu, H.S. Yang, Y. Chang*, J.Y. Lai, P. Aimar, Low-biofouling membranes prepared by liquid induced phase separation of the PVDF/polystyrene-b-poly (ethylene glycol) methacrylate blend, Journal of Membrane Science 450 (2014) 340-350 (SCI, IF 4.093).

A. Venault*, Y. Chang, J.R. Wu, D.M. Wang, Influence of solvent composition and non-solvent activity on the crystalline morphology of PVDF membranes prepared by VIPS process and on their arising mechanical properties, Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers 45 (2014) 1087-1097 (SCI, IF 2.084) (2014).

A. Venault*, Y. Chang, D.M. Wang, D. Bouyer*, A review on polymeric membranes and hydrogels prepared by vapor-induced phase separation process, Polymer Reviews 53(2013) 568-626 (SCI, IF 6.281).

J.F. Jhong ‡, A. Venault ‡, C.C. Hou, S.H. Chen, T.C. Wei, J. Zheng, J. Huang, Y. Chang*, Surface zwitterionization of expanded poly(tetrafluoroethylene) membranes via atmospheric plasma-induced polymerization for enhanced wound healing, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 5 (2013) 6732-6742 (SCI, IF 5.008).

A. Venault, Y. Chang*, H.H. Hsu, J.F Jhong, H.S Yang, T.C Wei, K.L. Tung, A. Higuchi and J.Huang, Biofouling-resistance control of expanded poly(tetrafluoroethylene) membrane via atmospheric plasma-induced surface PEGylation, Journal of Membrane Science 439 (2013) 48-57 (SCI, IF 4.093)

C. Pochat-Bohatier, A. Venault, D. Bouyer, L. Vachoud, L. David and C. Faur*, Development and characterization of composite chitosan / active carbon hydrogels aimed as wound dressings, Journal of Applied Polymer Science 28(125) (2013) 2945-2953 (SCI, IF 1.240)

A. Venault* and Y. Chang*, Surface hydrophilicity and morphology control of anti-biofouling polysulfone membranes via vapor-induced phase separation processing, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 13 (2013) 1-11 (SCI, IF 1.563)

A. Venault*, Y. Chang*, D.M. Wang and J.Y. Lai, Surface anti-biofouling control of PEGylated poly(vinylidene fluoride) membranes via vapor-induced phase separation processing, Journal of Membrane Science 423-424 (2012) 53-64 (SCI, IF 4.093)

A. Venault, Y. Chang*, D.M. Wang, D. Bouyer, A. Higuchi and J.Y. Lai, PEGylation of anti-biofouling polysulfone membranes via liquid- and vapor-induced phase separation processing, Journal of Membrane Science 403-404 (2012) 47-57 (SCI, IF 4.093)

A. Venault, D. Bouyer*, C. Pochat-Bohatier, L. Vachoud and C. Faur, Investigation of chitosan gelation mechanisms by a modeling approach coupled to local experimental measurement, 58(7) AIChE journal (2012) 2226-2240 (SCI, IF 2.030)

A. Venault, L. Vachoud, D. Bouyer, C. Pochat-Bohatier, and C. Faur*, Rheometric study of chitosan-activated carbon composite hydrogels for medical applications using an experimental design, Journal of Applied Polymer Science 120 (2) (2011) 808-820 (SCI, IF, 1.240)

A. Venault, D. Bouyer, C. Pochat-Bohatier, L. Vachoud and C. Faur*, Preparation of composite hydrogels for medical applications: experimental study and modeling of mass transfers, International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering 8 (2010) (A104) (SCI, IF 0.640)

A. Venault, D. Bouyer, C. Pochat, L. Vachoud and C. Faur*, Modeling the mass transfers during the elaboration of chitosan-activated carbon for medical applications, AIChE journal 56 (6) (2010) 1593-1609 (SCI, IF 2.030)

A. Venault, L. Vachoud, C. Pochat, D. Bouyer and C. Faur*, Elaboration of chitosan/activated carbon composites for the removal of organic micropollutants from waters, Environmental Technology 29 (2008) (12) 1285-1296 (SCI, IF, 1.007)

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