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Prof. Jessie, Shing-Jiang Lue

Ph.D., Agri. Eng., University of Missouri-Columbia 


Membrane Separation 
Fuel Cells

Clean Processing

Biotechnology and Nanotechnology


Research Fields
Separation and Purification

Develop membrane separation technology (e.g. pervaporation, vapor permeation, and electrodialysis) for separation and purification processes.

Preparation and Characterization of Membranes

Investigate physical and chemical properties for modified and prepared membranes, and study the interaction and thermodynamics properties between penetrants and membrane matrix.


Fuel Cell:

Development and modification of proton-exchange membranes, hydroxide-conducting membrane electrolyte, fuel cell performance.


Clean Technology

Removal and recovery of organic vapors and volatile organic

 compounds (VOC); processes for wastewater recovery and ultrapure water manufacturing.


Biotechnology and Nanotechnology:

Drug delivery and controlled release, development of thermo-responsive nano-composite


Potential Applications of Research

Mass Transfer Modeling, Polymeric Electrolytes for Fuel Cells, Membrane Characterization,

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Selected Publications:

S.J. LS.J. Lue, J.S Ou, C.H. Kuo,H.Y. Chen, T.H. Yang, "Pervaporative separation of azeotropis methanol/toluene mixtures in polyurethane-poly (dimethylsiloxane) (PU-PDMS) blend membranes: Correlation with sorption and diffusion behavios in a binary solution system," J. Membr. Sci., 347, 108-115 (2010).

S.J. Lue, C.L. Tsai, D.-T. Lee, K.P.O. Mahesg, M.Y. Hua, C.-C. Hu, Y.C. Jean, K.R. Lee, J.Y. Lai, "Sorptio, diffusion, and perm-selectivity of toluene vapor/nitrogen mixtures through polydimethylsiloxane membrane with two cross-linking densities," J. Membr. Sci., 349, 321-332 (2010)

S.J. LS.J. Lue, S.-J. Hsieh, “Modeling water states in polyvinyl alcohol-fumed silica

compcomposites,” Polymer, 50, 654-661 (2009).

S.J. Lue, D.T. Lee, J.Y. Chen, C.H. Chiu, C.C. Hu, Y.C. Jean, J.Y. Lai, “Diffusivity enhancement of water vapor in poly(vinyl alcohol)-fumed silica nano-composite membranes: Correlation with polymer crystallinity and free-volume properties,” J. Membr. Sci., 325, 831-839 (2008).
S.J. Lue, J.J. Hsu, T.-C. Wei, “Drug permeation modeling through the thermo-sensitive membranes of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) brushes grafted onto micro-porous films,” J. Membr. Sci., 321, 146-154 (2008).



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