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Prof. Tsair-Wang Chung

Ph.D., Chem. Eng., University of Missouri-Columbia

Professional Specialty

Separation Technology 

Biomass Refinery

Chemical Dehumidification Air-Conditioning System


Research Fields

Separation Technology:

Our present studies are to discuss the mechanism of membrane separation during the applications of separation and purification of phospholipid, free fatty acid, and small amount of water content from the crude plant oil as well as the separation of protein from press cake and the separation of water and ethanol.


Biomass Refinery:

The major works are to improve the harvest of energy farm products, the separation of crude plant oils, and the manufacture of biofuels. The cooperation with Bogor Agricultural University and Sichuan Agricultural University on the study of Jatropha oil and other energy farm products, which is supported by the National Federation of Rural Cooperatives, Indonesia (INDUK-KUD). The instruments and standard measurements of the oil properties are established in the laboratory also.


Chemical Dehumidification Air-Conditioning System:

It is a non-compressive absorption or adsorption energy-saving dehumidification air-conditioning system. The present studies are to develop the moisture sorption materials and to improve the heat and mass transfer performance of the key component of the system. From the preparation and modification of sorbents, we conduct the studies of the sol-gel materials and the surface properties.

Potential Applications of Research

Crude Plant Oil Separation and Purification

Protein Separation and Application from Press Cake of Jatropha and Castor Seeds

Boifuels Manufacturing Processes

Measurement and Improvement of Biofuel Properties

Performance Improvement of the Energy-Saving AC

Preparation and Modification of the Sol-Gel Materials

Selected Publications:

Hsu, S.-H., Huang, C.-S., Chung, T.-W.*, Gao, S., 2014, “Adsorption of Chlorinated Volatile Organic Compounds Using Activated Carbon Made from Jatropha Curcas Seeds” accepted in Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, Vol. 45, No. 5, 2526-2530. (SCI)
Liao, C.-C., Chung, T.-W.*, 2013, “Optimization of process conditions using response surface methodology for the microwave-assisted transesterification of Jatropha oil with KOH impregnated CaO as catalyst” Chemical Engineering Research & Design, Vol. 91, No.12, 2457-2464. (SCI)
Liu, K.-T., Gao, S., Chung, T.-W.*, Huang, C.-M., Lin, Y.-S., 2012, “Effect of Process Conditions on the Removal of Phospholipids in the Jatropha Oil Degumming Process “ Chemical Engineering Research and Design, Vol. 90, 1381-1386. (SCI)
Liao, C.-C., Chung, T.-W.*, 2011, “Analysis of Parameters and Interaction between Parameters of the Microwave-Assisted Continuous Transesterification Process of Jatropha Oil Using Response Surface Methodology” Chemical Engineering Research and Design, Vol. 89, 2575-2581. (SCI)
Liu, Y.-W., Tang, T., Chung, T.-W.*, Huang, C., and Lin, Y.-S., 2010, “Equilibrium Isotherms of Water and Ethanol Vapors on Immobilized Starch Sorbents” Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, Vol. 55, 5807-5811. (SCI)



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