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Prof. Da-Ming Wang    

Ph.D., Chem. Eng., Pennsylvania State University 

Professional Specialty

Membrane Separation 
Tissue Engineering

Molecular Simulation


Research Fields
Membrane Separation

We currently focus on fabrication of membranes for membrane distillation and pervaporation. The neat step is to prepare low-fouling membranes for protein separation and water treatment.

Tissue Engineering

Our present interest lies on the preparation of PLGA, PLLA, and chitosan scaffolds for tissue engineering, with special interest in GTR membranes and call-specific bone regeneration scaffolds, for treating periodontal disease.


Molecular Simulation

The present research concentrates on studying the permeation of drug molecules in polymeric membranes. The next step is to investigate the effect of the polymer-solvent interactions on the micro-structure of the formed solution.

Potential Applications of Research

Concentration of Bio-products

Dehydration of Organic Solvent

Preparation of Pervaporation Membranes

Development of GTR Membranes for Treatment of Periodontal Disease

Selected Publications:

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