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Prof. Jung-Hui Chen 


Ph.D., Chem. Eng., University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Professional Specialty
Optimization of Membrane Separation System
Iterative Learning Neural Network Based Control Design

Membrane Process Monitoring and Diagnosis

Research Fields
Membrane Reactor Design for Biodiesel Process

Based on the membrane reactor, a novel reactor-separator that keeps biological oil in the reactor and decreases the cost of separating oil from glycerin and biodiesel is developed.

Development and Optimal Design of Finned Tube Based Membrane Distillation Modules

Development of a novel finned hollow tube module in the membrane distillation(MD) for desalination is investigated. The effectiveness analysis is applied to optimal design and scale-up of MD modules.


Development of Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Techniques for Characterization of Membrane Fouling

The applications of ultrasonic techniques and multivariate statistical analysis to microfiltration and ultrafiltration can fully monitor and diagnose the flux decline by membrane fouling .


Iterative Learning Based Neural Networks for Membrane Separation

The goals are to develop an iterative learning based network to accurately the highly complex operation of membrane separation and to develop new control laws for reduction and control of flux decline.

Potential Applications of Research

Design and Control of Membrane Reactors for Biodiesel Production

Design of Membrane Distillation for Desalination and Water Purification

Ultrssonic Techniques and Its Statistical Analysis for Detection and Diagnosis of Membrane Fouling

Modeling and Simulation of Membrane Process

Selected Publications:

J. Chen, Y.-C. Yang, J.-Y. Huang “On-Line Monitoring and Diagnosis of Membrane Fouling Using Ultrasonic Techniques,” Chemometer Intell Lab., 127, 147-157 (2013).
Y. Liu, J. Chen “Integrated Soft Sensor using Just-in-time Support Vector Regression and Probabilistic Analysis for Quality Prediction of Multi-grade Processes,” J. Process Contr., 23, 793-804. (2013).
M.-F. Chong, J. Chen, P.-P. Oh, Z.-S. Chen “Modeling Analysis of Membrane Reactor for Biodiesel Production,” AIChE J., 59(1) 258-271 (2013)
Y. Lu, J. Chen “Integration Design of Heat Exchanger Networks into Membrane Distillation Systems for Energy Saving,” Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 51(19), 6798–6810 (2012).
J. Chen, Y.-C. Yang, T.-S. Wei “Application of Wavelet Analysis and Decision Tree in UTDR Data for Diagnosis of Membrane Filtration” Chemometer Intell Lab., 116, 102-111 (2012).

J. Chen, C.-K. Kong, “Performance assessment for iterative learning control of

batch units,” J. Process Contr., 19, 1043-1053 (2009).

L.-H. Cheng, Y.-F. Cheng, S.-Y Yen, J. Chen., "Application of UNIQUAC and SVM to ultrafiltration for modeling ternary mixtures of oil, FAME and methanol," Chem. Eng. Sci., 64(24), 5093-5103 (2009)

J. Zhang, C.-C Chu, J. Munoz, J. Chen, "Minimum entropy based run-to-run control for semiconductor processes with uncertain metrology delay," J. Process Contr., 19, 1688-1697 (2009)

L.-H. Cheng, Y.-F. Cheng, S.-Y. Yen, J. Chen, "Ultrafiltration of triglyceride from bio diesel using the phase diagram of oil-FAME-MeOH," J. Membr. sci., 330, 156-165 (2009)

L.-H. Cheng, P.-C. Wu and J. Chen, “Numerical simulation and optimal design of AGMD-based hollow fiber modules for desalination,” Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 48(10), 4948-4959 (2009).
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