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Prof. Ching-Jung Chuang  {Deputy Director}

Ph.D., Chem. Eng., National Taiwan University

Professional Specialty
Membrane Filtration 
Solid-Liquid Separation

Water and Wastewater Treatments


Research Fields
Membrane Filtration

The research is mainly in the area of application of fluid mechanics and colloid interfacial phenomena to membrane filtration. We currently focus on the enhancement of membrane filtration by a combination of crossflow shearing action and an electric field in bio-suspensions separation and Nanofiltrations.

Membrane Charge Determination

The current research concentrates on developing the techniques for determining the zeta potentials in the outer surface of tubular membranes. The next step is to develop the techniques for on-line monitoring membrane fouling via the electrokinetics measurement.


Membrane Distillation

The research is mainly in developing the DCMD models for flat-sheet and tubular modules and the process simulation.

Potential Applications of Research

Membrane Filtration Enhancement
Membrane Selective Separation
Determination of Membrane Charge
On-line Monitoring of Membrane Fouling

Desalination and Ultrapure Water Process

Selected Publications:

Y.C. Chiang, Y.Z. Hsu,  R.C. Ruaan, C.J. Chuang, K.L. Tung, “Nanofiltration membranes synthesized from hyperbranched polyethylenimine,” J. Membr. Sci., 326(1), 19-26 (2009).

C.J. Chuang, C.Y. Wu, C.C. Wu,  “Combination of crossflow and electric field for microfiltration of protein/microbial cell suspensions,” Desalination, 233, 295-302 (2008).
K.L. Tung, C.C. Hu, C.L. Li, C.J. Chuang,  “Investigating the crossflow ultrafiltration mechanisms of proteins using Interfacial phenomena,”  J. Chin. Inst. Chem. Eng., 38(3), 303-311 (2007).
C.J. Chuang, P.W. Wang, C.C. Hu, K.L. Tung, ” Electroosmotic flow through particle beds packed with conditioned sludges,” J. Water Supply: Res. and Technol.-Aqua,  55(7), 527-533 (2006).
C.C. Hu, S.Y. Wang, C.L. Li, C.J. Chuang, K.L. Tung, “Ion exchange adsorption and membrane filtration hybrid process for protein mixture separation," J. Chem. Eng. Japan, 39(12), 1283-1290 (2006).
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