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Prof. Kuo-Lun Tung


Ph.D., Chem. Eng., National Taiwan University





Current Positions:

Professor, Dept. of Chem. Eng., National Taiwan University, Taiwan (2012/08~)  

Deputy Vice President, Office of International Affairs, NTU, Taipei, Taiwan (2019/01~)

Professor, Center for Biotechnology, NTU, Taipei, Taiwan (2017/06~)

Fellow, International Water Association (IWA) (2018/08~)

Vice Chair, Specialist Group on Membrane Tech. (SGMT), IWA (2017/10~)

Assessor (Evaluator), Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (IEET) (2018/08~)
Visiting Professor, Dept. of Chem. Sci. & Eng., Kobe University, Kobe, Japan (2014/04~2018/03)


Professional Experiences:

Professor, Dept. of Chem. Eng., Chung Yuan University, Taiwan(2006/08~2012/07)

Director, R&D Center for Membrane Tech., Chung Yuan University, Taiwan (2009/08~2012/07)

Deputy Director, R&D Center for Membrane Tech., Chung Yuan University, Taiwan (2006/08~2009/07)

Managing Editor, Journal of the ChIChE (SCI indexed journal), The TwIChE, Taiwan (2006/08~2014/07)

Managing Committee, Specialist Group on Membrane Technology, International Water Association (IWA) (2006/01~2017/09)


Honors and Awards:

Invited to serve as Plenary Speaker of European Conference on Fluid-Particle Separation (2014/10)

Invited to serve as Plenary Speaker of  AFS 2015 Spring Conference (2014/10)

Invited to serve as Chairman of Committee of Education Affairs at the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers (2013/01)

Invited to serve as Guest Editor of Journal of Bioresource Technology (2012/09)

Invited to serve as Associate Editor of Journal of Water Sustainability(2011/03)

Invited to serve as Committee Member of International Affairs at the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers (2011/02)

Elected to serve as Executive Committee Member of International Recycling Society, effective

on January 1st, 2010 (2009/09)

Elected to serve as Council Member of The Filtration Society (2008/10)

Invited to serve as Scientific Committee Member of the FILTECH2009 Conference (2008/06)

Invited to serve as Scientific Committee Member of Aquatech Amsterdam 2008, Amsterdam,

The Netherlands. 2008 (2008/05)

Invited to serve as Scientific Committee Member of the 11th World Filtration Congress (WFC11) in 2012 at Graz, Austria (2008/04)

Invited to serve as Programme Committee Member of the Aquatech Amsterdam 2008, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Aug. 2008 (2008/02)

Invited to serve as Scientific Committee Member of the 5th IWA Membrane Tech Conference (IWA-MTC 2009), Beijing, China, Sep. 2009 (2008/02)

Invited to serve as Scientific Committee Member of the IWA Regional Conference of Membrane Tec. and Water Reuse Conference, Turkey, 2010 (2007/11)

Invited to serve as Scientific Committee Member of the 2008 Engineering With Membrane Conference (EWM2008), Portugal, 2008 (2007/10)

Invited to serve as Scientific Committee Member of the 10th World Filtration Congress, Germany, 2008 (2007/06)

Keynote Speaker of Aseanian Membrane Society Conference (AMS2006)  (2006)

2007 Excellent Technology Transfer Award, Chung Yuan Univ.(2008/03/03)

Awarded "APT Distinguished Paper Award of Year 2006" from The Society of Powder Technology, Japan (2007/01)
The Outstanding Teaching Award, Chung Yuan Christian University  (2003, 2006)
The Outstanding Chemical Engineering Article of the Year Award in 2005, The ChIChE  (2005)
The First Prize of the Golden-Pen Award, The Chemical Eng. Magazine  (2004)
The First Prize of the Poster Paper Competition in the 2003 Annual Meeting of the ChIChE  (2003)
Listed in the Who’s Who in the World, Marquis  (2003~ )
Listed in the Who’s Who in Science & Engineering, Marquis  (2002~ )

Professional Specialty

Inorganic Membrane

Membrane Filtrations 

Water Treatment

Module Design
Molecular Simulation


Research Fields
Inorganic Membrane Fabrication: The major research efforts focus on the manufacture and performance test of ceramic membrane fabricated by plasma spray coating technique. Various surface modification techniques are adopted to prepare inorganic membranes for different applications.

Membrane Filtration Mechanism: Our present interest lies on the study of mechanisms of microfiltration for soft gel particles, affinity ultrafiltration for protein mixture separation and nanofiltraton for wastewater treatment.
Membrane Module Design: The goal of this work is to build a platform in the center for membrane module design. By utilizing CFD simulation technique and verifying with experimental data, the criteria for optimum design or modification can be provided. The design of spiral-wound and hollow fiber module are currently under conduction..
Multi-scale SimulationWe currently utilize the MD and MC simulation techniques to study the gas transport mechanism through membrane. The next step is to build a multi-scale simulation platform for examining the microscopic mechanism of membrane fouling.

Potential Applications of Research

Inorganic Membrane Fabrication, Design of Membrane Modules, Downstream Processing for Biotechnoloy, Water and Wastewater Treatment

Selected Publications:

Tung, K.L.*, K.S. Chang, T.T. Wu, N.J. Lin, K.R. Lee and J.Y. Lai “Recent Advances in the Characterization of Membrane Morphology,” Curr. Opin. Chem. Eng., 4, 121-127 (2014)  (Invited Review).
Y.F. Lin, C.H. Chen, K.L Tung, T.Y. Wei, S.Y. Lu and K.S. Chang, “Mesoporous Fluorocarbon- modified Silica Aerogel Membranes Enabling Long-term Continuous CO2 Capture with Large Absorption Flux Enhancements,” ChemSusChem, , 6(3), 437-442 (2013)
K.S. Chang, K.L. Tung, Y.F. Lin and H.Y. Lin “Molecular Modelling of Polyimides with Intrinsic Microporosity: From Structural Characteristics to Transport Behaviour,” RSC Advances, in press (2013)
K.L. Tung , H.R. Damodar, R.A. Damodar, T.T. Wu, Y.L. Li, N.J. Lin, C.J. Chuang, S.J. You and K.J Hwang “Online Monitoring of Particle Fouling in a Submerged Membrane Filtration System Using a Photointerrupt Sensor Array,” J. Membrane Sci., 407-408, 58-70 (2012)
K.L. Tung, Y.L. Li, C.C. Hu and Y.S. Chen “Power-Law Polymer Solution Flow in a Converging Annular Spinneret: Analytical Approximation and Numerical Computation,” AIChE J., 58(1), 122-131 (2012)
Chang, K.S. Y.F. Lin and K.L. Tung, “Insight into the Grain Boundary Effect on the Ionic Transport of Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia at Elevated Temperatures from a Molecular Modeling Perspective,” J. Power Sources, 196, 9322-9330 (2011)
K.L. Tung, T.H. Chang, Y.F. Lin and C.S. Chyang “DEM Simulation of a 3D Vertical Vibratory Screening Process: The Study of a Simulated Woven-Mesh Structure,” AIChE J., 57(4), 918-928 (2011)

K.L. Tung, Y.L. Li, S. Wang, D. Nanda, C.C. Hu, C.L. Li, J.Y. Lai, J. Huang, "Performance and effects of polymeric membranes on the dead-end microfiltration of protein solution during filtration cycles," J. Membr. Sci., 352(1-2), 143-152 (2010)

K.L. Tung,* Y.C. Jean, D. Nanda, W.S. Hung, C.H. Lo, K.R. Lee, J.Y. Lai, “Characterization of Multilayer Nanofiltration Membranes by Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy,” J. Membrane Sci., 343(1-2), 147-156 (2009)

K.S. Chang, K.L. Tung,* “Oxygen Ion Transport in Dual Phase Scandia-Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Solid Electrolyte: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation,” ChemPhysChem, 10(11), 1887-1894 (2009)
K.S. Chang, C.C. Hsiung, C.C. Lin, K.L. Tung,* “Residual Solvent Effect on Free Volume and Performance of Fluorinated Polyimide Membranes: A Molecular Simulation Study,” J. Phys. Chem. B, 113(30), 10159-10169 (2009). Paper featured as “Cover Art” of this issue in JPCB

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