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Prof. Shia-Chung Chen  

Ph.D., Materials Sci. & Eng., Northwestern University


Professional Specialty

Polymer Processing
Membrane Fabrication
Computer-Aided Engineering 
Injection Molding

Plastics Mold       


Research Fields
Injection Molding Technology

Major research areas are concentrated on the precision and innovative injection molding processes including thin wall molding, co-injection, gas injection, microcellular injection, micro injection and in mold decoration, etc..

Computer Assisted Engineering

The present research focus on Computer Aided Analysis for polymer processing and injection molding analyses to achieve mold design and process optimization. The true 3D simulation system integrated with molecular dynamic was also conducted.


PTFE Membrane Fabrication including Extrusion, Rolling, Extension and Adhesion.

Potential Applications of Research

Membrane Fabrication 

Plastics Components of 3C products 

Preparation of the Polymer Base Bio-chip 

Preparation of the Bipolar plate for Fuel Cell

Selected Publications:

S. C. Chen*, P. S. Hsu, S. H. Hwang, 2013/3, “The Effects of Gas Counter Pressure and Mold Temperature Variation on the Surface Quality and Morphology of the Microcellular Polystyrene Foams”, Vol 127, issue6, pages:4769-4776

S. C. Chen, W. H. Liao, R. D. Chien, 2012/10, "Structure and mechanical properties of polystyrene foams made through microcellular injection molding via control mechanisms of gas counter pressure and mold temperature", International communications in heat and mass transfer, Volume 39, issue 8, page: 1125-1131

H. L. Lina, S. C. Chen*, M. C. Jeng, Pham Son Minh, J. A. Chang, J. R. Hwang, 2012, “Induction Heating With The Ring Effect For Injection Molding Plates”, International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 39, No. 4, pp. 514-522

C. S. Chen, T. J. Chen, S. C. Chen, R. D. Chien, 2011, "Optimization of the Injection Molding Process for Short-Fiber-Reinforced Composites", Mechanics of Composite Materials. Vol.47, No.3, pp.359-368

S. C. Chen, H. M. Li, P. M. Hsu, H. S. Peng, 2011,” Effects of Processing Parameters on Tensile Strength of Thin-Wall HDPE Parts Injection Molded by Ultra High Speed Process”, Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering, Vol. 50, No. 3, pp. 276-281

S.C. Chen, C.K. Cheng, M.Y. Shih, Y.C. Lin, H.S. Peng, “Effects of Molding Parameters on The Through-Plane Resistance of Injection Molded Composite Polymer Bipolar Plate,” J. Polymer Engineering, 29, 121-133 (2009).

S.C. Chen, Y. Chang, Y.P. Chang, Y.C. Chen, C.Y. Tesng, "Effect of cavity surface coating on mold temperature variation and the quality of injection molded parts," Int. Commun. Heat Mass Transf., 36, 1030-1035 (2009).

S.C. Chen, Y.C. Wang, S.C. Liu, J.C. Cin, "Mold temperature variation for assisting micro molding of DVD micro-featured substrate and dummy using pulsed-cooling," Sens. Actuator A-Phys., 151, 87-93 (2009).

L.T. Huang, P.S. Hsu, C.K. Kuo, S.C. Chen, J.Y. Lai, “Pore Size Control of PTFE Membranes by Stretch Operation with Asymmetry Heating System,” Desalination, 233, 64-72 (2008).

S.C. Chen, R.H., P.S. Hsu, C.Y. Kuo, J.Y. Lai, L.J. Lee, "Paste Extrusion Control and Its Influence on Pore Size Properties of PTFE Membranes," Advances in Polymer Technology, 26, 163–172 (2008).

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