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Chair Prof. Juin-Yih Lai, Founder

Ph.D., ChE. E., Montana State University

Current Positions:
Advisory Board Member, Journal of Membrane Science (2012/08~)

Chair Professor, Chung Yuan University, Taiwan(2006/02~)
Professor, Dept. of Chem. Eng., Chung Yuan Univ., Taiwan (1976/08~)


Honors and Awards/ Experience:

Fellow of The Polymer Society, Taipei (2015)

Advisory Board Member, Journal of Polymer Research (2015)

National Chair Professorship, Ministry of Education (2014/10)

Fellow of Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers (2013/10)

Lifetime Achievement Award of The Polymer Society, Taipei (2010/01)

Elected as President of Aseanian Membrane Society, 2010/01-2011/12 (2009/07)

Outstanding Technological Invention Award, Chung Yuan Univ. (2008/03/03)
Academic Award, Ministry of Education (2007/08)

Editorial Board Member, Journal of Membrane Science (2006/10~2012/07)

Appointed Outstanding Research Award, National Science Council, Taiwan (2006/01)
Outstanding Alumni, Chung Yuan University, Taiwan (2005/10)
Director,R&D Center for Membrane Tech., Chung Yuan Univ.,Taiwan (2002/01~2009/07)

Merit Research Fellow, National Science Council, Taiwan (1999-2005)

Outstanding Engineering Professor, Chinese Institute of Engineers (1988-1992)

Outstanding Research Award, National Science Council (1988-1992, 1997-1999)

Professional Specialty
Membrane Formation Mechanisms 
Membrane Separation Applications

Research Fields

Membrane Formation Mechanisms

We currently focus on membrane structure design
and pore size/size distribution control through non-solvent induced phase separation (NIPS)
thermally induced phase separation (TIPS) and vapor induced phase separation (VIPS). 

Membrane Separation Applications

Our present interest lies on the applications of membrane technology in pervaporation, gas separation and biomedical applications, control release and tissue engineering and the transport mechanisms in the main applications.

Potential Applications of Research

Membrane Structure Design


Gas Separation

Biomedical Applications


Selected Publications:

Wei-Song Hung, Chi-Hui Tsou, Manuel De Guzman, Quan-Fu An, Ying-Ling Liu, Ya-Ming Zhang, Chien-Chieh Hu, Kueir-Rarn Lee, and Juin-Yih Lai,’ Cross-Linking with Diamine Monomers To Prepare Composite Graphene Oxide-Framework Membranes with Varying d‑Spacing,’ Chemistry of Materials, 26(9), 2983−2990 (2014)

Jung-Tsai Chen, Ywu-Jang Fu, Quan-Fu An, Shen-Chuan Lo, Yue-Zhe Zhong, Chien-Chieh Hu, Kueir-Rarn Lee, Juin-Yih Lai, ‘Enhancing polymer/graphene oxide gas barrier film properties by introducing new crystals,’ Carbon, 75, 443–451 (2014)

Wei-Song HungQuan-Fu AnManuel De GuzmanHsin-Yi LinShu-Hsien HuangWei-Ren LiuChien-Chieh HuKueir-Rarn LeeJuin-Yih Lai,’ Pressure-assisted self-assembly technique for fabricating composite membranes consisting of highly ordered selective laminate layers of amphiphilic graphene oxide,’ Carbon, 68, 670–677 (2014)

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W.S. Hung, M.D. Guzman, S.H. Huang, K.R. Lee, Y.C. Jean, J.Y. Lai, "Characterizing Free Volumes and Layer Structures in Asymmetric Thin-Film Polymeric Membranes in the Wet Condition Using the Variable Monoenergy Slow Positron Beam," Macromolecules, 43(14), 6127-6134 (2010).
Y.S. Su, C.Y. Kuo, D.M. Wang, J.Y. Lai, A. Deratani, C. Pochat, D. Bouyer, "Interplay of mass transfer, phase separation, and membrane morphology in vapor-induced phase separation," J. Membr.. Sci, 338(1-2), 17-28 (2009).
H.A. Tsai, C.Y. Kuo, S.L. Su, D.M. Wang, J.Y. Lai, "The morphological evolution of solvent-containing PMMA membranes in various solvent removal processes," J. Membr. Sci., 345(1-2), 288-297 (2009)
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Y.J. Fu, C.C. Hu , H.Z. Qui, K.R. Lee, J.Y. Lai, “Effects of residual solvent on gas separation properties of polyimide membranes,” Sep. Puri. Technol., 62(1), 175-182 (2008).
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