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Objective & Mission


       The Center’s founding objective lies in promoting the development of membrane technology, excelling academic exchange, and enhancing cooperation with the industrial sector.  Its mission encompasses academic research, educational promotion and industrial service, where its tasks consist of innovative research, patent development, technical transfer, academic exchange and technical training.  

        In strengthening the research and development environment, we integrate the upstream, midstream and downstream membrane research, and to consolidate instruments and equipment for membrane research and development.  

        In promoting scientific and technological know-how, we integrate means of systematic teaching, lecturing or seminar in presenting the membrane science and technology, and recent research findings.  

        In assisting the industry resolve related hurdles, we integrate means of industrial-academic cooperation, sample test and analysis, as well as consulting services in assisting the industrial sector resolve membrane related hurdles.  

        In cumulating research manpower, we provide professional personnel with expertise in membrane science and technology for deep-rooting sound technology.

        In establishing an international exchange platform, we execute bilateral research projects, share equipment resources, exchange personnel (seminar, mutual visits, research activities, sign memorandums of understanding (MOU) or agreements, and host international conferences.

CMT is the abbreviation of Research and Development Center for Membrane Technology, Chung Yuan Christian University.  The logo of CMT embeds with the Transport Mechanism of Membrane Separation Processes. The translucent line in the middle represents the membrane, which plays a vital role in controlling the access of species through it according to different purposes and applications. The gradually size changing line in the background signals the concentration gradient of the feed side and permeate one in the process of separation. Our center uses this logo as center identify symbol (CIS) with the attempt to communicate our objective and vision through the active engagement in promoting academic research, industrial cooperation, international exchange, and education. It is our vision to place ourselves as an international leading center for membrane technology consulting, membrane design, and application.
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Email: membrane@cycu.edu.tw