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Background and Information

The membrane science and its technological development, in the past few decades, as increasingly emerged and plays an important role in many aspects of modern engineering of chemistry, energy, environmental conservation, bioengineering, medicine, foods, and electronics.  Presently, an exceeding number of successfully developed applications can be seen in how the membrane has been adopted in desalination and water purification through ultrafiltration and osmosis percolation; the separation of oxygen from air for medical uses; hemodialysis found in artificial kidneys; the separation of proteins and microorganisms; membrane filtration in the clean room of semiconductor fabs, and the list goes on.  And its future development is regarded as infinite as many countries have since infused substantial funds and manpower in dedicating to its research and development as seen in the U.S. National Science Foundation-funded Center for Separations Using Thin Films (CSTF) in University of Colorado , and the European Membrane Institute (EMI) in Netherlands University of Twente .

        A successful development of membrane module hinges not only on how best to fully understand the physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics of a host of membrane materials; full grasp of the similarity and dissimilarity in the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of different compounds in mixtures that need for separation; manipulation of membrane formation technology that converts raw materials into unique membrane structure; but also the proficiency in the design and assemblage of membrane modules.  To achieve higher separation yields or for adaptation to more applications, at times it also requires the development of new membrane materials and surface modification technique.  In light that the research and development of membrane technology are of high difficulties in a complex system to call for the joint participation of a host of researchers with varied backgrounds and expertise, there is a compelling need to launch a membrane research center.

        Center director, Chair Prof. Juin-Yih Lai, a renowned researcher in polymeric membranes, is not only a three-time celebrant of outstanding research and outstanding panel researcher awards by the National Science Council, and is currently a Chair Professor of Chung Yuan University.  He has been keen to realize the importance of integrating the membrane technology amid working closely with experts from all sectors over the years to propose the formation of a Polymer membrane R&D center that helps to integrate the up-, mid- and downstream technologies.  With a group of academically disciplined and skilled local scholars and experts in existence, the Center aims to development its premises utilizing the seasoned professor groups from Department of chemical engineering and Department of mechanical engineering in Chung-Yuan University, and supported contacts and exchange with interschool experts as technical consultancy.  The R&D Center for Membrane Technology (CMT) was founded in 2000. The major achievements of CMT from founding in December 2000 through 2008 are: 

>>  2000/12   R&D Center for Membrane Technology at Chung Yuan University was founded
>>  2000/12   Granted a three-year project of Promoting the R&D Capacity of Private Colleges  

                     from NSC 
>>  2002/06   Granted first four-year project of Technology Development Programs with Academia

                     from MOEA
>>  2004/07   Signing Scientific Cooperation Agreement with Institute European des Membrane at

                     the University of Montpellier II 
>>  2005/06   Signing Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Missouri-Kansas City   
>>  2005/12   Deputy Director, Prof. K.L. Tung elected as Management Committee Member of

                     Membrane Tech. SG of IWA 
>>  2006/02   Awarded Center of Excellence Program on Membrane Technology from Ministry of

>>  2006/06   Granted second four-year project of Technology Development Programs with

                     Academia from MOEA
>>  2006/10   Director, Chair Prof. J.Y. Lai invited as Editorial Board Member of Journal of 

                     Membrane Science 
>>  2006/12   Signing Scientific Cooperation Agreement with NSF-NSTC at the Ohio State 


>>  2007/08   Hosting the Forth Conference of Aseanian Membrane Society in Taipei on August

                     16-18, 2007

>>  2008/02   Granted second three-year Center of Excellence Program on Membrane Technology

                     From MOE

>>  2008/08    VEOLIA Environnement R&D, France  to become our first foreign industrial affiliate.

>>  2008/10    Prof. S.C. Chen awarded University Level  Industry Economic Contribution Award

                     2008 from MOEA

>>  2008/10    Prof. K.L. Tung elected as Council Member of the Filtration Society, UK

>>  2008/12   AMS 4-Special Issue published in Desalination Vols. 233, 234

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