The past five decades of dedication and efforts in the education won Chung Yuan University ( hereinafter referred to as we)  an outstanding success and  acclaim  for the research and education achievement especially  in  science and engineering.  In recent years, we have been expanding our footprints to humanity science and biotechnology, and consequently transformed into a full blown university. As the goal of high education is to pursue excellence, we have plunged multitude of resources into the academic environment improvement. As a result, Our tremendous performance in education, research, and industrial cooperation projects earned the recognition from Ministry of Education, and so does the success in fulfilling many nation class projects.  Now we shift our focus to the development of academic environment and industrial cooperation. The quantity and quality of researches in the film technology, precise manufacture, nano-composite, and nano-biotechnology is now on par with those of first class national universities.

  Center of Excellence project has endeavored on research and development of membrane successfully in the former two years. During the term the Center of Membrane Technology (hereinafter referred as CMT) held the Asenian Membrane Society of 2007 showed that we reached great academic level. Besides, our amount of published dissertations and thesis exceeded the MOE audition standard and was qualified excellent. The published dissertations of SCIE were 215, 255, 328 from 2004 to 2006 respectively; by this token, the growth rate is over 20%. Another index calculated by the journal Evaluation Bimonthly in September of 2007 reported the Impact Factor value (IF value) of past five years, the four departments of CYCU were ranking in top 10. Furthermore, the professor of Dept. of Chemical Engineering , Prof. Juin-Yih Lai, the winner of The Academic Award of 2007, was the first winner of science and engineering domain of private schools nationally. Prof. Lai was cultivated by CYCU and also an outstanding professor and alumni of CYCU. In addition, we recruited the academician Kuo-Shu Yang to host psychology research program last year. All mentioned above demonstrate that our research environment and academic performances are fully growing.

  For continuing the development of CMT, the COE project focuses on five target below:  “ creating feature of membrane research”, “ integrating cross-domain research”, “ promoting techniques and cooperating with the industry”, “ stepping to the world stage” and “ cultivating membrane research personnel”. To achieve the targets, on one hand, CMT will consolidate the depth and strength of basic membrane research to buildup the influence worldwide and recruit renowned experts to be chair professors or short term visitors to broaden the scope of researches ; on the other hand, CMT will enhance additional values of techniques and level up the cooperation with industry sectors to improve the membrane industry and breed personnel internationally.

  Developing CMT as the world class research center, meanwhile, we will devote resources to it persistently. On research, we strive for breaking through the boundaries and creating interdisciplinary research background. On education, we strengthen basic learning to develop dominant profession and holistic humanity. On administration affairs, for retaining a better environment to retain personnel, we compete for external resources to make information electronized and communicate efficiently. Simultaneously, in order to attain the goal becoming excellent university of Asia, we plan a medium-term project to keep up the trace and control. Under the principles mentioned above to carry out the mission of ascending on top.